Yellow Pete is a is a character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


Yellow Pete is a one-armed gunsmith who, despite being off the beaten path, is very helpful to the player. Although the player only has access to his shop in the last two missions, his arsenal of weapons is very helpful when trying to beat them. His shop remains in Free Ride and is a source of purchasing new weaponry. His shop can be found in the parking lot behind the Twister theater in Western Hoboken.


  • Paulie stated that Pete got his name because his teeth are the yellowest in town, and he also stinks.
  • You are able to kill Yellow Pete and his bodyguard in the mission Moonlighting, but by doing this you won't have access to his shop in The Death of Art, as you will be refused entry when you knock on the door. You can kick in the door, but there will only be a Colt 1911 with no ammo.