Wanted Posters are a set of collectibles in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


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  • Petr Capek - Under the bridge north of the Central Rail Station.
  • Cheng-Hao Chu - On a building near the Beech Hill Lighthouse.
  • Lubomir Dekan - At the The Waterfront in Downtown near the water.
  • Kristyna Drapalova - On the front door of the neighboring house west of Tommy Angelo's house.
  • Rafael Hayduk - On a building in an alley in the Works Quarter south of Salieri's Bar.
  • Dmitry Makarenko - On the side of a small shack near the water on the west side of the Terranova Bridge to the south.
  • Victoria Matthews - On the side of a building about a block south of Pepe's Restaurant.
  • Carlos Poriano - On the base of the angel statue in Downtown.
  • Nicole Sandoval - In the square in Chinatown.
  • Lenka Snajdrhonsova - On the front gate of The Red Flower Mansion in Chinatown.
  • Greg Twentyman - On a shack on the southeastern side of Holbrook Park.
  • Jan Zahradnik - On the front of the Central Rail Station in the Works Quarter.



  • Five of the wanted posters featured in the game were winners of a contest by 2K.


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