The Walter Military is a vehicle in Mafia II.


The Walter Military is a a small 4x4 vehicle, commonly referred to as a "Jeep". It was created for the United States Military as a general purpose vehicle to transport personnel, weapons, and supplies to and from the front lines of battle and around military bases.


Performance upgrades available at Charlie's Service & Repair.

Stats Basic Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Top Speed: 65 mph 72 mph 72 mph 94 mph
Max power: 62 hp 78 hp 78 hp 138 hp
Weight: 2295 lb 2295 lb 2053 lb 2053 lb
Price: N/A $368.00 $571.00 $728.00


DLC Availability

Mafia II Classic

  • The car may be available by downloading the Vegas Pack through the Xbox Live Marketplace, the PlayStation Store, and Steam.
  • The War Hero pack is also included in the Xbox Platinum Hits Edition, the PS3 Greatest Hits Edition and the Mafia II Directors Cut for PC.
  • When installed, the car becomes available once you gain access to your garage in the base Mafia II game and in all DLC's.

Mafia II: Definitive Edition

  • The Walter Military is included with the Mafia II: Definitive Edition and Mafia Trilogy. It is unlocked at the completion of the main game, at which point it will also become available in all Story DLCs. After it's initially unlocked it will be available from the beginning of all subsequent replays of the main game and story DLCs as soon as Garages become accessible.


  • The vehicle can't be sold or removed from the garage.
  • It's similar in appearance to the Willys MB.
  • The only upgrades available at Charlie's Service & Repair are the engine and license plates.
  • The Walter Military has no radio.


  • Walter Military Front Quarter View
  • Walter Military Rear Quarter View
  • Walter logo
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