The Vinci Crime Family is the oldest of the three Mafia crime families in Empire Bay.



Frank Vinci is the long-standing boss of the Vinci crime family. Arriving in Empire Bay in 1908 with close friend Leo Galante, Vinci quickly set up extortion rackets in the Italian immigrant community. With Leo strategizing and Frank provided the muscle, the pair took control of the Southport docks in the early 1920s, which made for easy smuggling of alcohol during Prohibition. His family ruled the city for the next decade, operating discreetly with close ties to both politicians and police.

Vinci-Moretti War

When Prohibition cash dried up in the early 30s, tension between the Vinci and Moretti families erupted into the Vinci-Moretti War. His Consigliere Leo Galante conspired with Moretti capo Carlo Falcone to bring an an end to the war by placing a bomb in Moretti's car. This conflict ultimately cost Vinci his underworld primacy, but he remains a powerful advocate of traditional Mafia values, especially when it comes to drugs.

Current Operations

Following the end of the Vinci-Moretti War, the Vinci crime family controlled over eighty percent of the Mafia's business in Empire Bay making it the most powerful family in the city. However, the war had weakened them significantly and the Clemente Crime Family moved in on many of their operations. Although they are not as powerful as they were in the past, they keep a tight grip on the docks and shipping industry via Derek Pappalardo, who is vital for their illegal import/export rackets. By late 1951, the Vinci family had retaken their place as the top family due to the deaths of Carlo Falcone and Alberto Clemente along with many of their men.

Family Members


  • Boss Frank Vinci
  • Consigliere Leo Galante
  • Caporegime Derek Pappalardo
  • Soldato Pepe Costa
  • Vinci Soldato
  • Enforcer Stephen Coyne