Vehicles in Mafia II are authentic to their time period. With 44 accessible vehicles and an additional 12 bonus vehicles, the variation adds an element of realism to the vibrant look of Empire Bay. Vehicles are unlocked throughout the coarse of the game and most passenger vehicles can be saved in the players garages.

Cars can run out of fuel, suffer body damage, collect dirt and explode. Upgrades and repairs can be purchased at any Charlie's Service & Repair. Car trunks and hoods can be opened, and engines can be repaired if they break down. The player can customize many parts of the car to their liking, including engine upgrades, color changes, wheels, tires, as well as personalized license plates. Additional upgrades are added through download of certain DLCs.


Passenger Cars

Trucks and Vans

Specialty Vehicles


Passenger Cars

Trucks and Vans

Specialty Vehicles

Bonus Vehicles

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Bonus vehicles are added through five additional DLC vehicle and clothing packs. Each pack contains two exclusive vehicles and two types of clothing to fit each pack. Two additional vehicles are added through download of Mafia II's story DLCs.

Greaser Pack

Made Man Pack

Renegade Pack

Vegas Pack

War Hero Pack

Joe's Adventures

The Betrayal of Jimmy

Vehicle Modification

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Performance Upgrades

Vehicles in Mafia II can be modified with three levels of performance upgrades.

  • Basic Tuning increases the overall performance and top speed of the engine. This is the only level available in the 1940s era of the game.
  • Sports Tuning decreases the weight of the vehicle and tightens up the suspension, giving the vehicle better handling.
  • Super Charge increases the engines speed by adding a supercharger. This level is only available if The Betrayal of Jimmy or Jimmy's Vendetta is installed.

Cosmetic Upgrades

Vehicles in Mafia II can be modified with four different cosmetic upgrades.

  • Paint. Vehicles can be painted in single or two-tone, depending on the vehicle. 20 colors are available in the 1940s era and an additional 20 are added in the 1950s.
  • Custom paint jobs. Eight different custom paint jobs, from racing stripes and decals to flames, are available. These are only accessible if The Betrayal of Jimmy or Jimmy's Vendetta is installed.
  • Wheels and tires. Choose from twelve different sets of wheels and tires. Five are available in the 1940s era and an additional seven become available in the 1950s.
  • Custom license plates. Change your license plate to suit your personality. Choose up to six characters with numbers 0-9 and letters A-Z.

Cut Vehicles

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  • Cossack
  • Culver Empire
  • Culver Empire Detective Special
  • Culver Empire Police Special
  • Delizia Grandeamerica
  • Forklift
  • GAI 353 Military Truck
  • Hank B
  • Hank B Fuel Tank
  • Houston Wasp
  • ISW 508
  • Italian Military Truck
  • Jefferson Futura
  • Jefferson Provincial
  • Lassiter Series 69
  • Lassiter Series 75 Hollywood
  • Milk Truck
  • Parry Bus 1951
  • Police Bus
  • Potomac Elysium
  • Potomac Indian
  • Quicksilver Windsor
  • Quicksilver Windsor Taxi
  • Roller GL300
  • Sherman M4A1
  • Shubert 38 Hearse
  • Shubert 38 Panel Truck.
  • Shubert 38 Taxi
  • Shubert 38
  • Shubert Armored Van
  • Shubert Beverly
  • Shubert Frigate
  • Shubert Pickup
  • Shubert Pickup Hot Rod
  • Shubert Series AB
  • Shubert Snow Plow
  • Shubert Truck
  • Shubert Truck Covered
  • Shubert Truck Flatbed
  • Smith 34 Hot Rod
  • Smith Coupe
  • Smith Custom 200 Police Special
  • Smith Custom 200
  • Smith Deluxe Station Wagon
  • Smith Mainline
  • Smith Thunderbolt
  • Smith Truck
  • Smith V8
  • Walker Rocket
  • Walter Coupe
  • Walter Hot Rod
  • Walter Military
  • Walter Utility
  • Waybar Hot Rod
  • Wespe
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