Vehicle Export is a stolen vehicle racket run by Derek Pappalardo at the docks. The player can sell rare and expensive vehicles for large sums of money, which are loaded onto ships to later be shipped to South America where they're sold on the black market.

To sell a vehicle to Derek, drive one from the list below onto the platform then exit the car. This process is available from the start of Chapter 8 and from the beginning of all three DLCs. Selling five vehicles in the main game will earn the player the Exporter achievement.

Saleable Vehicles

Vehicle Locations

While the aforementioned vehicles can be found throughout Empire Bay, some of the rarer ones can be found in the more wealthy neighborhoods like Greenfield and Hillwood. The ISW 508, for example, is found almost exclusively in the Zavesky Observatory parking lot in Hillwood.


  • The type of vehicle you're currently driving dictates what vehicles spawn, so if you're wanting an ISW 508, it's best to drive another sports car like the Ascot Bailey S200.
  • You may sell vehicles to Derek at the beginning of Chapter 8, even though you aren't told about it until after the showdown with the Greasers at the foundry.
  • These vehicles are a lot more common in all three DLCs.
  • Certain vehicles only appear at or after various points in the game. See the appropriate vehicle page for details.
  • If the cars are too damaged, Derek will not buy them until they are repaired.
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