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The Vegas Pack offers two new Vegas-inspired suits for Vito to wear and two new cars. Get a taste of old school Vegas in this new downloadable content pack from Mafia II. Bring a taste of Vegas to Empire Bay as you cruise through the town in 2 new cars with smooth handling and timeless lines. Vito shows his Vegas style in 2 new suits.

The cars included in the pack are the Chaffeque XT and the Jefferson Futura. The suits are the Classy cowboy suit and hat, which comes in three colors and the Long-collard suit and shades, which comes in eight color combinations.


Mafia II Classic

  • It may be available for purchase through the Xbox Live Marketplace, the PlayStation Store and Steam.
  • The pack is also included in the Xbox Platinum Hits Edition, the PS3 Greatest Hits Edition and the Mafia II Directors Cut for PC and Mac OS X.
  • Once installed, the vehicles will be immediately added to garages in the main game and all story DLCs, and clothing will be added to the main game closets only.

Mafia II: Definitive Edition

  • The Vegas Pack is included with the Mafia II: Definitive Edition and Mafia: Trilogy. It is unlocked at the completion of the main game, at which point it will also become available in all Story DLCs. After it's initially unlocked it will be available from the beginning of all subsequent replays of the main game and story DLCs as soon as garages and closets become accessible. Clothing items are available in the main game only.


  • Originally this pack was only available, along with the War Hero Pack, by pre-ordering the game from Gamestop/EBgames or
  • The Long-collard suit is based on the clothing Elvis wore in the Gospel Production Number from NBC's '68 Comeback Special.
  • The Long-collard suit and hat is similar to the clothing that Rocco wears.

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