Vangel's is a location in Empire Bay.


It is an upscale clothing store founded by Josef Vangel in 1939, an Austrian tailor that fled his home country of Austria sometime before the outbreak of World War II. They sell fine clothing and various sundries.

Vangel's is located in Midtown, at the southern entrance of Lincoln Park. They employ their own security guard who will respond to any violence inside of the store or aimed directly at the store. The sales clerk is an immigrant of French, Swiss or Belgian descent judged on her heavy French accent. The store also accommodates a second floor; however, this is inaccessible and completely empty.

The large glass windows at either end can be easily smashed by a car, and this is effectively equivalent to robbing the shop.


Clothing Item Cost 1945 Cost 1951
Shirt N/A $35.00
Leather Jacket $42.00 $50.25
Tailored Suit $90.00 $115.00
Tailored Suit and Overcoat $110.00 $145.00

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  • It is the only place where Vito can acquire the Tailored Suit necessary to unlock the Sharp Suiter achievement.
  • Near the northern end entrance there is a display case on either side, in the right display case a suit identical to Joe's cut suit can be seen.
  • Entering the store with a wanted level while police are in foot pursuit may result in a confrontation with the store security guard.
  • It is based on Mangel's, an upscale woman's fashion store popular in larger U.S. cities in the first half of the 20th century. The storefront is a replica of the former Mangel's store on 130 E Flagler St in Miami.


  • Vangel's Interior
  • Shirt
  • Leather Jacket
  • Tailored Suit
  • Tailored Suit and Overcoat
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  • Vangel's Ad
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  • Mangel's clothing store circa 1942. Courtesy of
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