Mafia III The Rise & Fall of Sal Marcano

Available April 10, 2018, Mafia III: The Rise & Fall of Sal Marcano is a graphic novel accompaniment to the game Mafia III.

New Bordeaux is a city on the edge of the bayou and on the edge of chaos. A hazy, fictional recreation of New Orleans in the 1960s, New Bordeaux is the kind of town where violence is the only way to survive and crime is the only way to get ahead. When gang warfare pushes the city to the brink, its citizens will discover the bayou can swallow a lot of secrets. And a lot of blood.

Brought to vivid life by top comic artist Richard Pace, Mafia III features the expansive world building and harsh realism that fans have come to expect from the Mafia video game series. With an original story that tells the rise to power of Sal Marcano by famed comic-noir writer Frank Tieri, this graphic novel is a new piece of the Mafia universe that fans will want to return to again and again. Cover by J.H. Williams III.

Mafia III: The Rise & Fall of Sal Marcano can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indie Bound.

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