Just thought I would make a quick post on what's been happening over the last few months with the Mafia Series.

  • Mafia III was brought to its conclusion back in July 2017 with the final DLC of the game, Sign of the Times. At this time I have no knowledge on whether there will be a Mafia IV or not. While we don't deal in speculation and rumor, if or when there is anything officially announced on this subject, rest assured we will post it here.
    • If you still haven't tried Mafia III, the Mafia III Demo is still available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.
    • Mafia III on both XBox One X and Playstation 4 Pro now support 4k play. You can read more about that here
    • Jessica Conditt wrote a piece over at engadget on the historical research behind Lincoln Clay, the biracial antihero of Mafia III. It's well worth a read, and can be found here
    • Mafia III: Plain of Jars, the pulp novel prequel to Mafia III is still available through Amazon, Insight Editions, Barnes & Noble and Indie Bound online retailers.
  • Mafia II is now backward compatible with XBox One. So if you never played the game, or just want to revisit Empire Bay, there's no need to dust off your old 360 to do so.
  • Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, the game that launched the Mafia series, is now available for PC on both Steam and GOG.
    • Please note that neither version contains the original soundtrack. Music licencing is always a complicated endeavor, and I can only assume the original license didn't cover the rerelease. While I can't officially condone it, a search of both the Steam and GoG forums should reveal several workarounds to this issue.

Well, that pretty much catches you up on recent events with the Mafia series. You can follow this blog as well as Mafia Game on both Twitter and Facebook for any future news on the series.

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