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Tommy Angelo is the protagonist of Mafia: Definitive Edition.


Early life

Angelo Family

Tommy was born in Sicily on April 5, 1900, the third and youngest child of Marco Angelo, Sr., a plantation supervisor, and Maria Angelo. He had two older siblings: Marco Jr. and Isabella. The Angelos emigrated to America in 1904 when Tommy was four years old, after the plantation was foreclosed by a moneylender which sent the Angelos into poverty.[1] Tommy and his family then arrived at Empire Bay on Christmas Day after a month at sea, eventually settling in Lost Heaven. Tommy's father found work at the Lost Heaven Harbor where he worked for fifteen years until his death.[1]

Honest Work

Tommy found employment on a road crew, living in camps for months at a time as he helped in building highways through the Northern United States. Eventually he got tired of the nomadic lifestyle his job called for and moved back to Lost Heaven in 1926, using the money he saved to purchase his first taxi.

Tommy then worked as a cab driver on the streets of Lost Heaven during Prohibition. His job was tough and he invested long hours while collecting little reward. Despite his meager profits, he was grateful to be employed as the Great Depression offered few jobs and many of his colleagues were in worse shape than he was.

Becoming a Gangster

Tommy's cab license

During one of his night shifts, while he was parked taking a smoke break, two men, later revealed to be Sam Trapani and Paulie Lombardo, appear and hold Tommy at gunpoint. They all pile into Tommy's taxi and order Tommy to drive, to escape a pursuit from rival mobsters from the Morello crime family. After successfully escaping the pursuers, Sam gave Tommy a generous financial compensation for his services to repair his cab, as well as gratitude from a man named Don Ennio Salieri, the boss of his own crime family in Lost Heaven's Little Italy.

The following morning, Tommy returned to his routine taxi driving duty. While taking a coffee break at a cafe in Little Italy, two Morello family gangsters, Dino and Lou, smashed Tommy's taxi with a baseball bat while the other punched and kicked him, but Tommy gets up and shoves Dino into Lou, giving him enough time to escape to Salieri's bar, while the two men chase and shoot at him. After Tommy ends up in front of the bar and meets up with Paulie and Sam, Dino and Lou arrive shortly thereafter and demand they hand Tommy over. Sam tells Dino and Lou that Tommy is Don Salieri’s favorite driver, and tells them to leave the neighborhood. When they initially refuse, Paulie pulls out a shotgun and aims it at the two men, telling them if they don't leave now they won't leave alive. This prompts Dino and Lou to turn around and leave the area. Tommy then proceeds to meet with Don Salieri, and tells him about how Lou and Dino attacked him and smashed his taxi. With the Don's permission, Paulie and Tommy decided to exact revenge on Dino and Lou by smashing and torching the family's cars in the parking lot of Morello's lounge bar, beating up their guards, and stealing Dino's car. Afterwards, the Don welcomed Tommy to the Salieri family.

Tommy is proven to be a dependable soldato, being able to carry out the family's business with good results. On behalf of the family, he committed various jobs from murdering other gangsters, racing, bootlegging, theft, and even bank robbery. He's also able to deal with adversaries in a cunning manner, such as making a prostitute who works at the Morello family's brothel named Michelle that knows too much about Salieri's operations disappear, by giving her money to leave the city unharmed, and dealing with Frank Colletti, the consigliere of the Salieri family who broke the code of silence without killing him, due to seeing him in front of his wife and daughter. As time goes by, Tommy's name is becoming more well-known in the underworld after being able to give Salieri family an upper hand in the gang war involving Salieri and Morello families by rubbing off a good number of Morello's associates. During the mid-1930s, Tommy Angelo becomes acquainted with Sarah. They get married in June of 1934[2] and later have a daughter, then a son together.

Final Years and Death

Tommy, Paulie, and Sam

In 1938, Tommy, Sam, and Paulie accidentally discovered that the diamonds they were supposedly stealing from the federal impound lot in Lost Heaven were actually narcotics. After nearly getting killed for what was once explicitly a forbidden vice, Tommy lost faith in the Don's leadership. Disillusioned, he, decided to join Paulie to do a bank job, which was initially a success, but at the cost of Paulie's life the very next day.

Tommy, upon discovering Paulie's body in his apartment, received a phone call from Sam, who told him to meet at the city gallery so they can discuss on how to escape the Don's wrath. There, Tommy is held at gunpoint by gangsters, and at this point Sam revealed that Salieri knows that both the prostitute and Frank lived. A gunfight ensues afterwards; Tommy managed to survive, and Sam, on his last breaths, tried to persuade Tommy to fake his death to buy him some time to skip town, but he rejected it and decided to kill Sam.

Later that year, Tommy met Detective Norman at a restaurant, where he told his stories, hoping to score a deal with the officer. He agreed to help Tommy and his family, provided that Tommy testified against the Salieri family in court. In the end, he got to serve eight years behind bars before getting him and his family new identities and moving to the East Coast.

Tommy's final moments

Fast forward to 1951, Tommy is seen at his daughter's wedding, giving a speech about family values during the reception. Some time later, he's seen watering his lawn of his new home in Empire Bay. A red convertible stops by his house, two men, revealed in Mafia II to be Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro, approach Tommy. Vito asks for a "Mr. Angelo?", which Tommy confirms himself, ready to face his fate. Vito then tells him that "Mr. Salieri sends his regards", followed by Joe fatally shooting Tommy in the stomach with a lupara. The mortally wounded Tommy is soon surrounded by Sarah and his two children, and he uses the final moments he has left before his death to reassure his family that they are safe, and to tell them that while everything in life comes and goes, family is forever.


  • Marco Angelo Sr. (father)
  • Maria Angelo (mother)
  • Marco Angelo Jr. (brother)
  • Isabella Angelo (sister)
  • Sarah Angelo (wife)
  • Luigi Marino (father in-law)

Notable Murders




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