• I'm going to try and add some of the Mafia III info to the timeline page. We've never been able to nail down a specific timeline, but I think we can just list them all under a ranged heading. The main thing I'd like to come to an agreement on is when Lincoln recovered. There's little to no info on this, but what little there is points to his recovery and "Somethin' I've Got To Do" taking place the first week of June, likely 7-9 June.

    • The Martin Luther King Jr assassination and the resulting riots happened in April and are mentioned in many instances in the game as happening while Lincoln was "fighting for his life".
    • In The Way of Flesh Cassandra says "A few months ago you were trying to kill me..." referring to when Lincoln killed Baka. In my understanding "a few" means 3. Baka was killed February 21, three months would put it late may, but early June would also fit.
    • During the montage of Lincoln's recovery, the television clearly shows a short clip of the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, which happened on June 5, 1968. However, his assassination is never mentioned in game by NPCs or in news reports. Seeing as they covered pretty much every newsworthy event from 1968 by either news report or NPC conversation, this strongly suggest it happened while he was recovering.
    • A scripted NPC conversation about the capture of James Earl Ray (June 8, 1968) can be heard at the beginning of The Way of Flesh.

    However all this is blown to hell with Anna's listed date of death as 6 June. I'm perfectly happy with listing that date as an error on the part of Hangar 13, as it makes no sense in may ways. As for the news reports and NPC conversation references, I don't think we can infer much from them, their dates range across 1968, some even after the game supposedly ended, and play randomly.

    So to sum up, I think we should list Lincoln's recovery as early June, then list all game events from Thicker Than Blood onward under the heading of June - October 1968.

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    • Robert F. Kennedy Assassination

      In case you were wondering, I'm posting the image of the TV clip of the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination here. It corresponds with this video, around the 0:56 mark.

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    • Well I have a draft of the Mafia III timeline entries on my sandbox 8. Have a loot and see what you think. I added everything I could think of, but I you think I left anything out, let me know.

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    • I noticed that you put Lincoln recruiting each underboss after the death of the lieutenant in the corresponding district. Are you thinking of Lincoln recruiting them after he hands them the district? To me it seems more natural to count this as happening after he does the first mission for them, when their perks first become available and the achievement is unlocked.

      Also, I think there might be a few things from the documentary footage that we could add about Lincoln and Donovan's time in Vietnam.

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    • I suppose the recruitment could go at the beginning, but I placed them there because that's when you actually assign the district to them. Plus, it's where he makes a reference to their arraignment and expecting a piece of everything they bring in.

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    • Here's why I think that somethin I've got to do starts in June 9th 1968 it if you pay attention to the TV you will see Senator Kennedy being buried which In fact his funeral occurred in between June 7th and June 8th and then it shows day when father james is drinking coffee and that may be June 7th then it shows Donovan seeing how is Lincoln and if look at the window it looks like it's afternoon then donovan sleeps may be June 8th early morning then after that you see that the cutscene takes place on day I know that is every cutscene but let's pretend that after the cutscene ends and it loads it looks like early morning June 9th

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