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The Saint and the Sinner is a story mission in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


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November 20th, 1932

Following the previous event, it was revealed that one of the hoodlums who Paulie capped was Billy Ghillotti, son of the city councilor. It was also revealed that the other person survived the ordeal, putting the family at risk. Don Salieri told Tommy, Paulie, and Sam to do two jobs in one go: Sam will attend Billy's funeral, while Tommy will have to blow a hotel whose manager had double-crossed Don Salieri and take care of Michelle, one of the girls working at the premises.

Despite Michelle being marked for death on Salieri's orders, Sam convinces Tommy to spare Michelle's life and hands him a ream of money to be paid to Michelle for her to skip town. The hotel assassination and subsequent bombing went as planned, but it also attracted unwanted police attention, forcing Tommy to run through the rooftops and fight his way out of the scene, only for him to wind up in the very same church where the funeral was taking place.

Tommy watches the priest's sermon and Johnny's eulogy from a corner, but is spotted by both the clergyman and Johnny, who recognized Tommy from the previous incident. A gunfight ensues forcing Tommy to fight back in self-defense, much to the priest's horror as he pleads to stop the fight to no avail. Distraught and shocked over the blasphemous act, the priest sternly chastises Tommy for the bloodbath; Tommy tried to justify his actions as the men who attacked him were "thieves, rapists and killers", but the priest quickly rebuked him, saying that they still had a chance for redemption had Tommy not have killed them.

Johnny somehow emerges and points a pistol at Tommy, despite the priest pleading them to refrain from any further bloodshed, but Sam comes to his aid, gunning down Johnny which further shocked the priest who knelt in prayer. Tommy then tried to bribe the priest "for the trouble" they caused, only for the latter to bluntly refuse the "blood money". Tommy and Sam however did convince the priest at gunpoint to keep his silence over the incident. They both leave the premises, where an intense police pursuit took place.


For collectibles found in this mission, please see the Collectible Walkthrough.

Get in to the car with Sam, where he'll give Tommy some money to get the girl to skip town. Drive to the church, and drop Sam in front of it. Ask the bartender to gain information about the manager's whereabouts. Find the manager and kill him; expect resistance after the manager has been killed.

Alternatively, Tommy can ask about Michelle, where she stayed at Room 208. Head there, and a cutscene will play. After both objectives are done, head for the manager's office. Take the money and documents, and then proceed to plant the charges. A cutscene will play afterwards, showing the hotel getting blown up. Next, Tommy will have to escape through the rooftops to the church. Go through the tower to the ground floor, where Johnny spotted Tommy. A gunfight ensues afterwards.

After the gunfight ended, the distraught Priest berates Tommy for his action. In return, Tommy gave the Priest a substantial amount of money as a bribe.

With Johnny dead, return to Salieri's bar. At this point, Tommy and Sam will face heavy police presence.


Completing this chapter grants the Murder in the House of God achievement, unlocks the Associate outfits, and opens up the Alien Infiltration mission in Free Ride.



Significant Changes

Below is a list of significant changes to The Saint and the Sinner from the original Mafia game:

  • In the original game the events of The Saint and the Sinner were included in two separate missions, The Whore and The Priest, and Johnny was killed by Tommy.