The Prosecutor is a character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


In Omerta, it is revealed that consigliere Frank Colletti has handed over the account books of the family so that he can build a case against the Salieri Crime Family. Frank is spared by Tommy Angelo, but everyone believes he is dead. With the person who can read the books liquidated, all that's left is to take back the evidence. Don Salieri orders Tommy to do this in the mission Visiting Rich People.

Mission Appearances


  • The Prosecutor is very wealthy, as can be seen from his villa in Oak Hill and luxury car, which can be stolen by Tommy.
  • He has a high status in the city of Lost Heaven, and he is friends with the City Councilor.
  • The Prosecutor shares his character model with Don Peppone, which most likely is due to the game's developers recycling the model, aided by the fact that Don Peppone's only appearance is in a photograph in Crème De La Crème.