The Distillery is a location in Empire Bay.


It is a whiskey distillery in Sand Island owned by Sidney Pen aka "The Fat Man".


  • It plays a key role in the mission The Buzzsaw, as Vito Scaletta, Joe Barbaro, and Henry Tomasino are tasked with killing Sidney Pen and his bodyguards when they arrive. Pen, however, escapes into the factory, which leads the trio to chase him to his death. However, the distillery is set on fire and continues to burn as Vito, Joe, and Henry escape. It is assumed the factory was completely destroyed, as a warehouse full of whiskey would burn incredibly fast, though by 1951 it's rebuilt.
  • The distillery also appears in the mission Brother and Keeper in The Betrayal of Jimmy in which Jimmy murders Elroy Tussle and his brother Duke.


  • The brand of whiskey it produces is called "Humphrey's Whiskey".


  • The Distillery front
  • Apartment used in The Buzzsaw