The Betrayal of Jimmy is the first story DLC in Mafia II.


The Betrayal of Jimmy offers a more arcade-like gameplay, while still maintaining the basic structure and controls as Mafia II. Players earn points for doing certain actions, such as fast driving, killing enemies and destroying vehicles. In addition the DLC features online leaderboards.


The Betrayal of Jimmy begins the story of Jimmy, a gun for hire who will do any job for the right price. Jimmy's employers, Sal Gravina and Tam Brodie are both determined to eliminate any competition in the criminal underworld of Empire Bay.

Sal Gravina is at war with Elroy Tussle, leader of the Bombers, a two-bit gang that controls the slums of Sand Island. Tam Brodie has his own issues with Eddie Fu, leader of the Empire Bay Triads, who operate out of Chinatown. Together they rely on the unique talents of Jimmy to carry out their plans of taking down both gangs and their interests. To make some extra walking around money, Jimmy also dabbles in vehicle thefts for some of Empire Bay's less scrupulous car dealers.


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The Betrayal of Jimmy adds one new exclusive vehicle, the Waybar Hot Rod. As with all Mafia II DLCs, the garage capacity has been increased to 30 vehicles.

1940s Era Vehicles

As The Betrayal of Jimmy is set in the 1950s, the only 1940s era vehicles available to save in garages are the following:

1950s Era Vehicles


The Betrayal of Jimmy includes 21 arcade style missions, each one given a difficulty rating of one to four stars. There are also 9 vehicle theft missions for the player to complete.

BJ Icon T Tutorial Mission

BJ Icon G Sal Gravina Missions

BJ Icon B Tam Brodie Missions

J Icon VT Vehicle Theft Missions

BJ Icon B Final Mission

Interactive Map

Roll over the icon to see the mission name or click to see the mission walkthrough.

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  • The DLC was originally a PlayStation 3-exclusive that was later released for other platforms.
  • The DLC is set in an alternate timeline of 1950s Empire Bay. Many of its details are not meant to be canon with the Mafia Series.

Mission Loading Screens

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