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Terror Tales are a collectible in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


With its diabolical stories of murder and mayhem, Terror Tales spawned a slew of imitators.


There are 20 Terror Tales to collect. Some can only be found in missions, while others can be collected at any time. For a detailed guide of all collectibles, please see the Mafia: DE Collectible Walkthrough.


Designates an item found only while a specific mission is active.

Issue #1. On the southern T shaped wooden pier in western Little Italy, due west of the Trago Gas Station.

Issue #2. On a wooden dock just south of the Fyer Dam Power Station.

Issue #3. On the L shaped dock off the northwest shore of Central Island, just north of the Giuliani Bridge.

Issue #4. On a stack of lumber behind a chain link fence in south central Works Quarter.

Issue #5. On the front porch of a shack house across the south road from the Copse Farm in North County.

Issue #6. On a chair along the southern edge of Holbrook Park.

Issue #7. On the front steps of the Oakwood Church in Oakwood.

Issue #8. Next to a wood cart in the alleyway between the "O" and "W" on the map in Chinatown.

Issue #9. By some trash cans at the front gate of the McCloud Mansion in Beech Hill.

Issue #10. On top of a well behind an abandoned church, south of Clark's Motel in North County.

Issue #11. On a mattress inside an open shack in the middle of Holbrook, just below the elevated train junction.

Issue #12. On a wooden dock on the east side of the Berry Wood Creek pond in North County.

Issue #13. Next to a garage off an alleyway in central Works Quarter, just west of the Central Rail Station.

Issue #14. Found on the deck behind a small brick building just east of Fyer Dam.

Issue #15. In the alley beside the driveway at Sergio Morello's House in Oakwood.

Issue #16. Found near the sprinkler valve in the Modern Parking Garage during Great Deal.

Issue #17. In the office after the storage rooms at the Lost Heaven Art Gallery during The Death of Art.

Issue #18. Inside the Black Cat Bar with Little Tony during Omerta.

Issue #19. On a desk in the State Prison when making your escape during Election Campaign.

Issue #20. On a crate in the barn where Sam is at the Copse Farm during A Trip to the Country.


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