Telephone Mission is a mission in Free Ride Extreme.

This mission starts in Little Italy, both corners after Salieris Bar, in front of ROCCO's.

You will be taken to tend connections in various parts of the city, you need a full knowledge of the neighborhoods and major sites. 

1st Call is in front of the bar; 2nd Call is in China Town in an alley atraz some boxes; 3rd Call is in the central island, just above the tunnel; 4th Call is on the pier, because care is at the back, the Bad Guy; 5th Call near the bridge in New Ark, opposite the Hopital on the other side of the avenue; 6th Call is next to the Church in Oakwood to take care telephone Gabine is lowercase on the left side of the church, leaning on a tombstone.

When the subquest is complete, a bonus car (the Luciferion) will be parked at the tennis courts.

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