Tam Brodie is a character in the Mafia II DLCs, The Betrayal of Jimmy and Jimmy's Vendetta. He is the Boss of the Brodie Gang.


The Betrayal of Jimmy

He employed Jimmy to solve his problems with the Empire Bay Triads and their leader Eddie Fu who were constantly interfering with his businesses. Jimmy dealt several blows to the Triads by ruining their protection rackets and killing their key figures, including Eddie. Tam along with Sal and their superior Judge Hillwood eventually betrayed Jimmy by setting him up to unknowingly steal a Berkley Kingfisher filled with drugs, for which Jimmy was sentenced to 15 years in Hartmann Federal Penitentiary.

Jimmy's Vendetta

Jimmy escaped from prison and began to seek his revenge on Tam and Sal by ruining their businesses and killing their key figures. Tam's cousins Sean, James, and Bill attempted to kill Jimmy in a fake truce meeting, but they ended up being killed instead. Tam took refuge at the Empire Bay Forge, but Jimmy eventually found him and killed him along with his bodyguards.