"When you need a lift, you need a Swift!" - Radio jingle.

Swift Cola is a soft drink featured in the Mafia Series.


Swift Cola is heralded as the country's favorite soft drink. Nearly every restaurant and bar serves it, and people can be seen drinking it everywhere. Its advertisements can be heard on radios and seen on televisions and billboards across the country.

Mafia II

As the country's favorite soft drink, people are seen drinking it and advertisements can be seen and heard all over Empire Bay. It can be found in refrigerators at the safehouses and can be bought at diners. As all other consumables, it restores Vito's health. Unlike beer and alcohol, consuming large amounts of it won't cause any ill effects.

Radio Advertisement

Mafia III

Billboards for Swift Cola can be seen around New Bordeaux; however, it is not consumable by Lincoln.


  • It is based on the real life soft drink Coca Cola, which was popular throughout the 20th century.


  • Swift Cola bottles in Empire Diner
  • Swift Cola fountain in Empire Diner
  • Swift Cola lemonade neon sign
  • Swift Cola ad
  • Swift Cola ad