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Super Science Stories are a collectible in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


A popular science fiction pulp magazine, Super Science Stories featured early works from well-known authors.


There are 20 Super Science Stories to collect. Some can only be found in missions, while others can be collected at any time. For a detailed guide of all collectibles, please see the Mafia: DE Collectible Walkthrough.


Designates an item found only while a specific mission is active.

Issue #1. Found on a workbench in Ralphie's Garage in Little Italy.

Issue #2. In an office on the second floor of the second Federal Customs Impound warehouse during Just for Relaxation.

Issue #3. On a dock along the East River on Central Island, due east of Moulton's City Theater.

Issue #4. By a trash can at the eastern end of the southern island of Robinson Park.

Issue #5. On a bench on the walkway above the West River Tunnel on Central Island.

Issue #6. In front of an outhouse on a farm west of Chinatown.

Issue #7. On a bench in the breakroom of the Lost Heaven Airport during Omerta.

Issue #8. Found in the kitchen on the Lost Heaven Queen during Happy Birthday.

Issue #9. On the top level of a parking garage in western Downtown.

Issue #10. On a lounge chair by the pool at the Prosecutor's Mansion during Visiting Rich People.

Issue #11. On the dock next to a boathouse at the North County Marina.

Issue #12. At the overlook south of Heaven's Peak in North County.

Issue #13. In the short hallway just after the paintings room in the Lost Heaven Art Gallery during The Death of Art.

Issue #14. In a small alcove across from Morello's Lounge Bar in North Park.

Issue #15. Under a gazebo at the Gentleman's Club in North County.

Issue #16. On a couch on the balcony behind the Smith Service Station during Better Get Used to It.

Issue #17. By some trash bags on the north side of Salieri's Warehouse in Holbrook.

Issue #18. At the end of the dock closest to the front of the Lost Heaven Queen at St. Peter's Docks on Central Island.

Issue #19. By a park bench at the overlook just down from the Beech Hill Lighthouse.

Issue #20. Found in the kitchen of Pepe's Restaurant during Bon Appétit.


  • Super Science Stories was a real science fiction magazine that was published from 1940-1943, and again from 1949-1951.