The Southern Union is a criminal organization in Mafia III.



Southern Union 2

Southern Union flag

The Southern Union is a white supremacist group in New Bordeaux. They are allied with Remy Duvall and the Marcano Crime Family, as well as Sheriff Slim Beaumont and the Sinclair Parish Sheriff's Department.


They operate out of Frisco Fields, where they hold rallies at Cleavon Duvall State Park and run a secret human trafficking ring out of Bellaire's Supermarket, selling captured black people as slaves to rich white clientele. In Sinclair Parish they work in conjunction with the Sheriff's Department in keeping the parish an all white community.


Mafia III

Faster, Baby!


Southern Union Member 2

Southern Union member

  • Remy Duvall (boss, deceased)
  • Chester Moreau (racket boss, deceased)
  • Mason Carter (deceased)
  • Uncle Andrew (enforcer)
  • Uncle Bartholomew (enforcer)
  • Uncle James (enforcer)
  • Uncle Jude (enforcer)
  • Uncle Thaddeus (enforcer)
  • Brother Matthew (member)
  • Brother Paul (member)
  • Brother Peter (member)
  • Brother Simon (member)
  • The Coyote (member)
  • Port Authority Officer (member)


  • The group is based on the Ku Klux Klan.
  • Their flag is based on the Confederate flag, which is commonly used by the Klu Klux Klan.
  • Remy Duvall denies being a member on his radio show, Native Son.


  • Leader, Remy Duvall
  • Southern Union poster
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