Sea Monster is a mission in Free Ride Extreme. It can be started at the northwestern corner of the Square in Chinatown. The objective is to drive to the beach in Down Town, next to the Rainbow Garden Restaurant. There, the player has to shoot the lock on the chains of a scarcely dressed woman, presumably with a S&W Model 27 Magnum provided at the starting point. Meanwhile, a sea monster will rise up from the sea and try to eat the woman. As soon as she is free, the monster will slowly return into the sea. After you've completed this subquest, a bonus car (HotRod) will appear in front of the Rainbow Garden.


  • In front of the woman is a sign that says "censored". The sign conseals the woman's body. However, if you walk around her, you'll be able to see her without the sign.
  • If you have already completed Sniper Mission, it's much easier to shoot the lock with Mosin-Nagant 1891/30, if you have preserved some bullets (or was lucky enough for one or more snipers to have dropped it all the way to the street).
  • The monster actually appears on the surface about one minute before time expires, and the mission fails a bit before the end of the time, so it is advised to use a really quick car, such as one of the prototypes, in this mission.


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