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Sarah Angelo is a character in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


Sarah Angelo (née Marino) is the daughter of Luigi Marino and the wife of Tommy Angelo. They married in June of 1934 [1] and later have two children, a daughter and son, together.


Sarah was born to Luigi Marino and an unknown woman, who would harm Luigi with whatever she could get her hands on due to being a drunkard, leading to Sarah having to tend to her father's injuries.

Meeting Tommy

In 1932, when Tommy Angelo won the race, he approached Sarah, who admits that she had placed a bet on the European before telling him to take Paulie home. The following evening, her father has Tommy escort Sarah home, in order to scare off a gang of men who have been sexually harassing her, before taking him inside to stitch his wound up after he fought them off, and she has him stay the night.

Marrying Tommy

In 1933, when Tommy came home late after taking Sam to a doctor, she accepts his immediate proposal while embracing him. By 1934, they got married and had a daughter together. She stood by her husband during his defection from the Salieri Crime Family, and being later separated temporarily while he was serving eight years in federal prison. In 1951, an aged Sarah saw her daughter get married. That was the same year her own marriage ended, as her husband was murdered.