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The Salieri Crime Family is a criminal organization in Mafia: Definitive Edition.



The family was formed by Don Salieri in 1921 after the death of Don Peppone. Salieri and Don Morello split Lost Heaven into two territories with the Morello Crime Family based in the east and the Salieri family in Little Italy. The family runs several rackets, including protection and smuggling, and operates out of Salieri's Bar.

For much of the 1920s and early 1930s, the Salieri Crime Family operate relatively comfortably through their bootlegging rackets, though are not as powerful as Morello. By 1935, both families are at war after Salieri survives a hit ordered by Morello at Pepe's Restaurant. Over the following months, Don Morello's younger brother and underboss Sergio Morello is killed by Salieri Family member Tommy Angelo, with Morello's death following in 1935. As a result, Salieri takes complete control of Lost Heaven.


In September 1938, Tommy Angelo meets with Detective Norman, offering information on the inner workings of the family in exchange for protection for his family. The deal succeeds, resulting in many notable figures within the family - such as Vincenzo and the Don himself - being arrested and imprisoned.

By 1951, Tommy Angelo and his family move to Empire Bay, under assumed identities. While doing some lawn work, Angelo is shot and killed by Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro of the Falcone Crime Family.



  • While it's unknown what became of the Salieri crime family after the conviction and imprisonment of Don Salieri and most of his men, the Don still held enough influence to order the assassination of Tommy Angelo in Empire Bay in 1951.