Salieri's Bar is a location in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


It is a small bar located in Little Italy. It served as the main base of operations and a front for the Salieri Crime Family. The bar is first seen during the first mission, An Offer You Can't Refuse, where Tommy Angelo drops off Paulie and Sam. In the second mission, Running Man, Tommy flees from Sergio Morello's goons to the bar. After that, when he begins working for the family, almost all missions start from this location.


The main bar is quite small; the bar area, booths and tables take up much of the room. In the back room, there is a pool table, which leads to the meeting room, where the Salieri associates usually conduct business. Whereas this is the main building, the back lot is much larger. Outside, there is a warehouse, where Ralph typically congregates, that stores all the vehicles that the player collects throughout the game. While not part of the bar, Vincenzo's apartment is next door, and it can be accessed via the bar's back lot.

The only known workers are Luigi, who is always found at the bar, and his daughter Sarah, who is only seen in some missions.


  • The bar cannot be visited during Free Ride or Free Ride Extreme.
  • Killing any civilians will be ignored by Salieri's men. However, attacking any of them will be acknowledged as betrayal and every associate present will come at you.
  • Luigi keeps a Pump-action Shotgun at the bar, drawing it if you cause trouble.
  • In some missions, such as Omerta, the gramophone in the meeting room can be turned on.
  • Any gunfire inside the bar will go unnoticed by the police.