Roman Barbieri is a character in Mafia III.

"When it comes to meat, mine can’t be beat."
Roman Barbieri


Roman "The Butcher" Barbieri is a short-fused psychopath who runs moonshine and protection rackets out of Pointe Verdun for Sal Marcano.


After taking over New Bordeaux back in 1934, Marcano needed muscle to hold onto what he'd taken. Enter Chicago hitman Roman Barbieri. Legend has it that the Butcher's old man cultivated Roman's particular tastes. Papa Barbieri worked as muscle for the Chicago syndicate and was rumored to have taken his boy out on jobs. When the kid started showing an aptitude for the slice-and-dice end of the work, the young Roman was brought into the organization proper sometime around 1926 or '27.

Roman Barbieri 2

Roman Barbieri

A source in the Chicago P.D. stated that although they couldn't connect him directly to any bodies, The Butcher's alleged to have been involved in dozens of gangland murders. So when Sal needed a mad dog to finish off the remnants of the Carillo crime family, he had The Butcher sent down.

The Butcher acted as Sal's personal killer until 1966, which is when Irish Mob leader Thomas Burke botched a shipment of stolen car parts. Because of this, Marcano lost a bunch of money, so he sent in Barbieri. Rather than just killing Burke, Barbieri crippled him, allegedly because he likes the idea of "tenderizing his meat a little" before consuming it. After this, The Butcher was given control of the rackets in Pointe Verdun. [1]

Downfall and Death

Roman Barbieri 4

Barbieri's remains

After Lincoln Clay dismantles Barbieri's moonshine and protection rackets, Thomas Burke decides it's time to have it out with Barbieri, and informs him he'll be waiting at his scrapyard to settle things. Together with Lincoln and daughter Nicki, they face off with Barbieri, killing his men and leaving Barbieri wounded but alive.

After the showdown at the scrapyard, Burke takes Barbieri off to be tortured, stating that he will die slowly and pay for what he did. In the mid-1980s the Army Corps of Engineers found a sunken car in the Mississippi River with Barbieri's remains in the trunk. According to Jonathan Maguire both his legs were broken so many times there was barely any bone left.


Radio Advertisement

Barbieri's Deli radio ad


  • Barbieri's dossier in the Assets and Kill List unlocks after completing "Cut and Run" in The Blade Stained Red.
  • Barbieri owns a butcher shop named "Barbieri Deli", as heard in various radio ads. It's famous for having the best Boudin in New Bordeaux.
  • Rumor has it that some of the meat served in his deli may be from his victims, and many NPCs can be heard saying the quality of his meat has gone down lately.
  • While being mentioned often in radio commercials and NPC conversation, Barbieri Deli does not actually appear anywhere in the game.
  • Barbieri uses a Pasadena AR30 assault rifle in combat.


  • Car containing Barbieri's remains
  • Roman Barbieri concept art


  1. Biography taken from Assets and Kill List.
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