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Ralph is a character in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


Ralph is an auto mechanic who works for the Salieri Crime Family. Not much is known about his life prior to his job at Salieri's, apart from his speech impediment, which has made him a target of ridicule by most Salieri Crime Family members, especially Paulie Lombardo, whom he developed a deeply-seated contempt for, at one point threatening to cut the brake lines off Paulie's car behind his back in retaliation for his bullying.

It was established in Better Get Used to It that he sought refuge as a mechanic at Salieri's Bar for the family, to escape the abuse he received from the same thugs who sexually harassed Sarah Marino and troubled other Little Italy residents, and he also mentioned in You Lucky Bastard that he envied Tommy for being a good father to his children, while all Ralph got from his father "was a beating", indicating an abusive home life before he worked as the Salieri crime family's primary mechanic.

He is nonetheless a valuable asset in the Salieri family, as his immense aptitude for servicing motor vehicles proved to be useful for the family's operations; he knows relatively little about everything else besides cars, instead preferring to be behind the scenes and in the comfort of his garage where he feels the most at home.

Among the Salieri family members however, Tommy appears to be one of the only people who is more sympathetic towards Ralph, as Tommy complimented him as a "regular magician" for his know-how on lock-picking and car theft. Ralph reciprocated by praising Tommy's driving skills in Fair Play, commenting that he made it look easy whereas racers "twenty years ago" were unable to finish due to the races' dangerous nature, all despite Tommy never having competed in a professional car race before. It is worth noting that Don Salieri also shows a fondness for Ralph, admiring him for his invaluable skills as a mechanic and his loyalty to the crime family.


When Tommy decided to testify against the Salieri crime family, Ralph is arrested alongside Vincenzo, with the pair being placed into the back of a police car. He is presumably charged with numerous counts of grand theft auto for aiding in the theft of various vehicles.


A photo in his quarters shows him dressed in a suit beside his mother. It is also mentioned in You Lucky Bastard that he had an abusive father who subjected him to beatings, likely due to his condition.



  • Given his speech impediment, it is probable that Ralph suffers from a disability of some form. However, it is never specified what exactly Ralph's condition is.
  • Ralph is ridiculed by most of Salieri's men such as Paulie, and is viewed by most of them except Tommy and Don Salieri as foolish. Despite this, Ralph demonstrates that he is highly intelligent on multiple occasions. In addition to his extensive skills as an auto mechanic, Ralph is also skilled at lockpicking, and possesses extensive knowledge of the history of Lost Heaven that many others do not, such as the Lost Heaven Autodrome being built and opened in 1912, and how the racers there back then were unable to complete races due to their dangerous nature.