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Post Cards are side missions in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


Mementos from Lost Heaven that may reveal some unexpected surprises.

Post Cards are a series of five side missions that unlock Hidden Vehicles in Mafia: DE. To obtain the post card clues, go to Bertone's Auto Service in Downtown and enter the garage. On your first visit, Lucas will approach Tommy and explain the post card missions. Head over to the bulletin board and activate each one to have it added to the collection menu. The locations of each hidden car will be marked with a distinctive X symbol.


Post Card Board.jpg

The post cards are available anytime after completing Fair Play, and can be done in the main game or Free Ride.


The Vevoda Motel

This post card becomes available after completing Fair Play. Head to the Vevoda Motel in North County, southeast of Fyer Dam. The car will be in a garage to the north of the main building.

  • This mission unlocks the Disorder vehicle.

The McCloud Mansion

This post card becomes available after completing Better Get Used to It. Drive to the McCloud Mansion in Beech Hill and enter the garage across the street. The owner will be inside working on the car, and will immediately attack Tommy with a Knife. Once he's dealt with the car can be taken.

  • This mission unlocks the Lassiter V16 Appolyon vehicle.
  • If the player gets killed by the owner, the vehicle will still appear in the garage upon respawning.

Central Island

This post card becomes available after completing A Trip to the Country. Go to Central Island and look for a building under construction just south of the Marshall Bridge. The vehicle will be in a garage on the south end of this building.

Central Station

This post card becomes available after completing Great Deal. Head to the Central Rail Station in the Works Quarter. North of the station's entrance will be a section of fence next to a red brick building that can be scaled. Once over, navigate the maze of crates to a door on the same building to find the vehicle inside.

The Waterfront

This post card becomes available after completing You Lucky Bastard. Drive to The Waterfront area in Downtown and make your way behind the buildings to the side along the shore. Right where it states "The Waterfront" on the map you will find a small wooden door to the right. After entering, head forward and shoot the top two rows of crates directly ahead of you. Proceed over the remaining crates then turn left, and destroy the next set of crates ahead. Once you reach the car you will need to solve the light puzzle by activating the switches in the following order; middle, left, right.


  • Finding one post card vehicle will unlock the On the Trail achievement, and finding all five will grant Car Thief Number One.
  • Mission progress carries over to all subsequent replays of the game. If you wish to reaccomplish them you will need to delete the game save data from your system or play under a different username.
  • Unlike the original game, there is no indicator for the player to be granted a subquest after completing a mission.