Port of Lost Heaven is a location in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


It is a port located in the Works Quarter of Lost Heaven, where major imports and exports take place. It is the largest and most important harbor of Lost Heaven. The port used to serve as one of the Morello crime family's most profitable assets due to Sergio Morello's connection within the dockworkers' union. In 1935, Don Salieri planned a chain of attacks on the Morello family's key figures. Sergio was also on the list; he was pursued by Tommy Angelo who fought his way through Sergio's men here and finally succeeded in killing him. After the Morello family's downfall, the port came under ownership of import-export companies, such as Scorsese Import. The port's security has been increased since Sergio's death.

In 1938, the Salieri Crime Family smuggled several Scorsese Import cigar crates out of the harbor. However, the crates were later revealed to be filled with diamonds meant to be sold by Don Salieri for profit.

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