Police Officers are characters in Mafia II seen throughout Empire Bay.

"Get away from me before I shove this nightstick up your ass!"
— Empire Bay police officer


Police officers are members of the Empire Bay Police Department who patrol the streets on foot and in police cruisers, driving the Culver Empire Police Special in 1945 and the Smith Custom 200 Police Special in 1951.

They can take action any time the player breaks the law and may assign a wanted level of one through four stars based on the severity of the crime. Their standard issue weapon is the .38 Revolver, but they will upgrade to the Shotgun or the Thompson M1A1 at higher wanted levels.

Mission Appearances

Police officers are first seen in the Prologue, when one arrests Vito Scaletta after he and Joe Barbaro rob a jewelry store. While they can become involved at any point in the game, they make scripted appearances in many of the game's chapters, including Murphy's Law, The Buzzsaw, Sea Gift, Stairway to Heaven, and many others, including the game's DLCs.

They may even set up road blocks at strategic points throughout Empire Bay, such as the Grand Upper Bridge or the Southport Tunnel. If Vito kills a police officer, he will receive an instant wanted level, regardless of whether or not he was seen doing so.


  • Empire Bay police officers
  • Police writing a ticket
  • Ticket book
  • Police making an arrest
  • Police roadblock
  • SWAT officer