Pepe is a character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


He is the owner of Pepe's Restaurant in New Ark. Born in Sicily, Pepe came to Lost Heaven and opened a restaurant. His restaurant is the personal favorite dining spot of Don Salieri. In the mission Bon Appétit, Tommy Angelo accompanies the Don for a lunch at Pepe's. However, once they finish their meal, the situation goes downhill rapidly as Morello's men pull up and destroy the restaurant in an assassination attempt on Don Salieri. Luckily, Pepe survives the ordeal, and receives some money from Don Salieri to fix up his restaurant. Following these events, there is no mention of Pepe ever again.

Mission Appearances


  • It was rumored this is the same Pepe from Mafia II working for Leo Galante. However, this is not likely due to the difference in time segments. Also at this time Pepe from Mafia II would be in prison.