The Paradiso Hotel & Casino is a location in Mafia III.



The Paradiso Hotel & Casino is a project in North Lake under construction by the Cavar Construction company and being financed by Sal Marcano. Sal has been warned against his plan to open a casino in the city by Leo Galante, who surmises it will be the death of him. When finished, it will offer world class gambling, dining, and hotel accommodations and be the first legal casino in New Bordeaux.

Project Completion

Completing the Paradiso is a major concern for Sal Marcano as he seeks out ways to raise the funds needed to bribe state politicians into passing legislation making gambling legal in the state of Louisiana.

After Lincoln Clay kills Sal's second capo, Sal loses a lot of money and, backed into a corner, borrows the funds he needs to bribe the governor of Louisiana to "green light" his casino development from Nino Santangelo, a heroin trafficker who supplied heroin to Sal's son Giorgi, in exchange for allowing Santangelo to freely distribute heroin in New Bordeaux. Santangelo also agrees to kill Lincoln, but is instead killed by his target, effectively ruining Sal's dream of getting his casino opened as he has lost too much money, rackets, and criminal underlings. He uses his remaining funds to hire the last of his men to protect himself and Giorgi at the casino, at which they both seek refuge.

Lincoln storms the casino, killing the rest of Sal's men, including Giorgi, and takes an elevator to his penthouse. Both men come to an understanding, with Lincoln pushing Sal through a window behind his desk, leaving him to fall to his death.

Lincoln leaves the casino and is confronted outside by Leo Galante, an esteemed member of The Commission and consigliere of the Vinci Crime Family, who spares Lincoln from punishment for his actions against the Marcanos.


Notable Items


  • Vargas Painting #26 in the security office of the casino.
  • Vargas Painting #18 on the bar below the room where you confront Giorgi.



  • Paradiso, pronounced [paraˈdiːzo], is Italian for "Paradise" or "Heaven".
  • The Vargas painting in the room with Giorgi must be collected prior to confronting him, as you will lose access to that part of the casino afterwards.
  • If Vito Scaletta assumes control of New Bordeaux, he opens the casino, living out his days in the penthouse suite overlooking his city.
  • The now demolished Sands Hotel & Casino appears to be the inspiration for the Paradiso Hotel.


  • Model of the Paradiso at the Cavar offices
  • Opening soon
  • Model close up
  • Paradiso sign being unloaded in Tickfaw Harbor
  • Paradiso promotional artwork
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