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Ordinary Routine is a mission in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


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October 29th, 1930

Tommy, Paulie, and Sam are doing their regular collection rounds.


For collectibles found in this mission, please see the Collectible Walkthrough.

Meet Vincenzo, where he'll teach Tommy how to shoot, then go to Ralph, where he'll teach Tommy to pick a car's lock. Then, get Paulie and Sam to begin the collection rounds.

First, head for Al Bertorelli's bakery on Longman Street. Once arrived, get inside the back room and take the brown envelope. Next, head to the next target in Chinatown. Then, make your way to Clark's Motel at the countryside.

Paulie will tell Tommy to get Sam out of the trouble. Deal with the gangsters, and then get to Sam. A cutscene will be played, showing that the gangsters get the money. Kill the gangsters and retrieve the money.


Completing this chapter grants the Gangs of Lost Heaven achievement. It will also unlock the Criminal outfits, and the Electric Trick Track mission in Free Ride.


Information coming soon.