Olivia Marcano is a character in Mafia III.



Olivia Marcano (nee Grady) is Sal Marcano's sister-in-law and a capo in the Marcano Crime Family.


A Southern socialite, Olivia married into the Marcano family, hoping to find an escape from an idle life as a Southern belle. She would capitalize on this opportunity by allegedly having her husband Lucio Marcano killed and taking over the Frisco Fields rackets with Remy Duvall, with whom she was close. Duvall also owned the North Lake property that Sal intended to build his casino on.

With Duvall's death, the property would be inherited by his nephew Stephen DeGarmo. Olivia decided to rectify this by torturing DeGarmo into signing the property over to her under the cover of Duvall's funeral wake at the Frisco Fields yacht club. However, Lincoln Clay infiltrated the wake and got past most of her bodyguards and guests by spiking the wine with psychedelic drugs provided by John Donovan and guns Olivia and her sober bodyguards down in a private meeting room. Olivia confesses that she got into organized crime for the excitement before Lincoln leaves.

Although Lincoln had actually spared her in line with his personal code of ethics, she is soon gruesomely killed in the hospital by Giorgi Marcano; something Lincoln had predicted would happen during a meeting with his underbosses.




  • It is implied that Olivia had her own husband killed in order to gain control of Frisco Fields.
  • Both Olivia and her deceased husband, Lucio, had their throats slit.


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