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New Bordeaux Radio Stations consist of three stations in Mafia III.


The three New Bordeaux Radio Stations are WBYU 620, WNBX 790 and WVCE 1150. Each station plays a unique selection of music and reports on local and national events through the New Bordeaux News service. WBYU also airs Native Son, a local talk show hosted by Remy Duvall. The stations can be listened to while driving Vehicles or on radios found throughout the city.

All three stations are routinely interrupted by The Hollow Speaks, a pirated radio talk show hosted by The Voice, who broadcasts out of a garage studio in Delray Hollow.


  • WBYU was an actual New Orleans radio station that broadcast from the 1970s until 2011.
  • During certain missions, including New Bordeaux Racing, the radio stations may play songs not on their playlists.