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The Morello Crime Family is a criminal organization in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


The Morello Crime Family is one of two Mafia families operating in Lost Heaven.


After the death of Don Peppone in 1921, his two former capos (Salieri and Morello) split the city of Lost Heaven between themselves, with the Morello Crime Family operating in the eastern parts of the city. Morello at some point also installs his younger brother Sergio Morello as his underboss. By 1930, the Morello Crime Family operates several successful rackets and have many within the authorities paid off, allowing the family to act with near impunity. The Morello Family is also shown to have significant control of the Lost Heaven Harbour and the city's unions. The Morello Crime Family usually undermine Salieri Crime Family operations in the 30's by means of destroying their rackets.


In 1935, Morello instigates a war by ordering a direct hit on Salieri at Pepe's Restaurant. Salieri ulitimately survives, causing the Salieri Family to attack the Morello Family's operations. Sergio is killed after a shootout at the harbour with Salieri's gunman Tommy Angelo. Morello attempts to escape Salieri's hit squad on a plane, which is then shot down; a badly wounded Morello is then killed by Tommy, Paulie and Sam.



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