Money used in the Mafia Series is in United States Dollars ($) which is the currency of the United States. The dollar can be split into 100 cents, with the standard coin denominations of penny (.01), nickel (.05), dime (.10), and quarter (.25) and less popular half dollar (.50).


In the story mode of Mafia, there is no monetary value. Weapons bought from Yellow Pete will not cost anything, neither will paying fines as there is no way to even keep track of Tommy's money.

In Free Ride, money can be obtained by killing gangsters or speeding and can be used to repair a broken vehicle at Lucas Bertone's Auto Service, purchase weapons at Yellow Pete's, restore Tommy's health at the Lost Heaven General Hospital, or save the game at Salieri's Bar.


  • Loading screens that feature money show bills from the wrong time period.

Mafia II

Money plays a central role throughout much of the game, with Vito Scaletta often needing substantial amounts of it to meet various obligations. You can generate income by completing missions, robbing stores, or selling cars to either Mike Bruski at the scrapyard or Derek at the docks. Money can be used to buy:

Mafia III

Federal Reserve Heist

Stacks of money from the Federal Reserve heist

Money plays a predominant role in Mafia III. The opening chapter revolves around robbing the Federal Reserve. Throughout the game, Lincoln Clay will need to acquire plenty of it in his attempt to topple the Marcano Crime Family and take over New Bordeaux. Stealing money stashes and destroying valuable merchandise is the key to taking over the various rackets, as the more money he can cost Marcano, the weaker his organization becomes.

Lincoln earns money through his underbosses by assigning them rackets and districts to run, for which they will pay him kickback. He may also steal money he finds inside of cash boxes or lying around from the various criminal rackets he takes over. Enemies will drop a small amount of cash when they die, and most shops, bars, and restaurants have a cash register that may be robbed, though it's typically an insignificant amount.

The Faster, Baby! DLC add the unique side mission Herbalism, which can generate substantial amounts of money for Lincoln by selling crops of weed throughout New Bordeaux.

Lincoln can keep the money he acquires in his wallet or bank it in a safe to prevent losing it. The Consigliere associate obtained through Vito Scaletta can be used to bank Lincoln's cash and at higher levels will also pick up any kickback that's available.


There are three money related achievements in Mafia III.

  • The Cash in Hand achievement requires the player to have $150,000 saved between their wallet and bank.
  • The Baby, You're a Rich Man achievement requires the player to earn a total of $500,000.
  • The Hole in Your Pocket achievement requires the player to spend a total of $500,000.


  • Kickback
  • Money plates from the Federal Reserve
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