Missions in Mafia III are broken down into story and optional chapters based on the district they occur in.


The game is structured into two basic types of missions, story and optional chapters. Story chapters tell the main story and are required to be completed to advance the game. Optional chapters add to the story by giving background on its characters and may open up new side missions, but are not needed to finish the story.

Story Chapters

Each of the nine districts in New Bordeaux has one main story chapter, broken into two parts. These missions involve taking over both rackets in that district. Once both rackets are controlled a third mission will open up to take out the lieutenant or capo who controls that district.

The final three districts include another key character whose involvement needs to be dealt with before the capo of that district can be eliminated. Story chapters also include the betrayal chapters, which involves eliminating one of Lincoln's underbosses who have turned on him. These missions may or may not be given depending on the players choices.

Optional Chapters

Optional chapters include the agenda, conversation and trafficking missions.

Agenda chapters are given by each underboss and are advanced when they are given more districts to control. They include a series of short missions followed by and advancement of a background story for the character who gave them. In order to complete all three agenda mission, each underboss will need to be given three districts to control.

Conversation chapters unlock at predetermined points in the game and offer a brief insight into the characters backstory. Conversation chapters will expire if not completed by by a select point in the game's advancement.

Trafficking chapters offer a unique insight into character background of those who give them and open up an optional side mission that can be used to raise the earn of each racket controlled by that underboss.

Main Game Missions

Barclay Mills

Bayou Fantom

Delray Hollow


French Ward

Frisco Fields

Hotel Paradiso

New Bordeaux

Pointe Verdun

River Row


Tickfaw Harbor

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