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Mike Bruski is a minor character in Mafia II.


Ostensibly a mechanic, Mike is a career criminal, having served two brief prison terms in his early twenties for involvement in Lost Heaven bank heists. After his second stretch, Mike moved to Empire Bay and used his stash to open a junkyard. Mike runs various scams - trading in stolen auto parts, fencing stolen goods, and allowing the mob to use his junkyard to dispose of incriminating evidence.

He is a fanatic about cars, most of the time he spends in his garage. It is with him that Vito Scaletta starts after returning from World War II. Besides the preparation of vehicles, Mike is responsible for distributing drugs throughout the city. He loves all the screws and pieces of a car, and his main source of income is the sale of stolen cars through the city.

Cars can be brought to Bruski's Scrapyard and put into the car compactor to earn money. Semi trucks and other bigger vehicles like that can't be put into the car compactor. Once a car is driven inside, the player gets out and goes up the stairs to the control panel where it is activated and the money is then added. Each vehicle can earn around $400.

Mission Appearances


  • Joe refers to Bruski as a "Polack" at least once in the game, which is a derogatory term for a person of Polish descent.
  • Joe mentions that Mike has a serious anger problem. Once he beat up a mick at the race track until one of his eyes went blind just for spilling a beer on his winning ticket.
  • In Chapter 14 when Vito searches for Joe, he can go ask Mike. Mike will suggest to go to Giuseppe's.