Mickey Desmond is a minor character in Mafia II and a member of the O'Neill Gang.

"You...You've got some balls."
Mickey Desmond


After Vito Scaletta killed Desmond's cousin Brian O'Neill in 1945, Mickey took control of the gang and ordered the death of Vito as revenge for his cousin's murder. After learning about Vito's early release from prison, Mickey and some of his crew drove to Vito's house armed with Molotov cocktails. Then Mickey ordered his crew to burn Vito's house to the ground, but Vito survived the attack and asked his friend Joe Barbaro if he could help him confront Mickey. Joe agreed, and the two drove to the Hill of Tara, a bar in Kingston frequented by the Irish gang. Upon arrival, Joe and Vito confronted Mickey, and after a bitter exchange of words, a gunfight ensued. Desmond got in his car and attempted to drive away, but Vito and Joe pursued him after killing his crew in the bar.


Mission Appearances


  • He has the same character model as Tam Brodie.
  • He owns an orange Lassiter Series 75 Hollywood.
  • After he is killed, he has 500 dollars in his wallet when Vito loots him.
  • If Vito and Joe break his car Desmond will leave his car and will use the Thompson 1928. This is an easy way of getting the Tommy Gun after Vito's possessions are burnt.


  • Mickey and his crew arriving at Vito's house