Michelle is a character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


She is a prostitute and a good friend of Sarah Angelo. She congratulates Tommy after his win in Fairplay and turns out to be "The Whore" in mission 8, of the same name. Frank Colletti tells Tommy that Michelle has been leaking information to Don Morello which has cost Don Salieri money and men.

When Tommy finds her having a bath in her room at the brothel, she begs with Tommy not to kill her and explains that she needed money in order to be able to afford her brother's medical care. Under Tommy's request, she left the city, supposedly forever; however, in The Death of Art, it is revealed that she returned to the city. Her reappearance makes the Salieri family suspicious of Tommy and leads to their discovery that Tommy let Frank escape. She was eventually killed by Sam, although he did not mention the specific time.

Mission Appearances


  • A photo of Michelle
  • Image of Michelle from Tommy's flashback
  • Sarah and Michelle
  • Tommy discovering who "the whore" really is