The Marcano Crime Family is the leading Mafia crime family in New Bordeaux.



The Marcano crime family was formed after the Marcano brothers took over the Carillo Crime Family empire in New Bordeaux back in 1934. Their boss is Sal Marcano and they run the city of New Bordeaux. They either control or get a piece of the action from every criminal operation and faction in the city. However, they must kick up 20% of their net to the Commission once a month.

They are allowed to violate many of the Commission's rules; however, in exchange, they are forced to accept into their ranks whoever the Commission sends their way (including Vito).



  • Marcano family artwork
  • Marcano crime family tree
  • Sal Marcano
  • Giorgi Marcano
  • Lou Marcano
  • Olivia Marcano.png
  • Tommy Marcano.png
  • Roman Barbieri
  • Enzo Conti
  • Tony Derazio
  • Michael Grecco
  • Frank Pagani
  • Vito Scaletta
  • Marcano gangster
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