The Marcano Crime Family is the leading Mafia crime family in New Bordeaux.



Marcano Crime Family Tree

The Marcano crime family was formed in 1934 when Sal Marcano, along with his brothers Lucio and Lou, killed Giuseppe Carillo and 18 of his men as they dined in a popular Italian restaurant in the French Ward. This event would later be known as the All Saint's Day Massacre. After this Sal assumed control of New Bordeaux and installed his brothers as capos, establishing the Marcano Crime Family.


New Bordeaux's status as a major port for the Southeast United States has made it one of the most important waypoints for smuggling between the U.S., the Caribbean, and Latin America. Under Sal, nothing got into or out of the city without his say-so. Sal successfully blocked potential rivals from gaining a foothold in the city's other criminal operations, installing his brothers in the major rackets while putting loyal and well paid lieutenants in charge of secondary ones. With his capos and lieutenants in control of all major districts in the city, Marcano allowed the poorer districts to be run by local groups, like the Black and Irish mobs, in exchange for a hefty cut of the profits, thus controlling every criminal operation in the city.


In February 1968 Sal Marcano plans a robbery of the Federal Reserve, taking over 6 million in cash and, more importantly, money plates for his counterfeiting operation. Afterward Sal double-crosses his accomplices and keeps all the cash for himself, killing Sammy Robinson, his son Ellis, Danny Burke, and leaving Lincoln Clay for dead.

Clay survives the attack, and with the help of John Donovan, the two devise a plan to take down Marcano and his entire operation. Over the summer and fall of 1968, and with the help of Clay's underbosses, the two do just that. District by district, Clay takes over the city, decreasing Marcano's resources and draining the cash he needs to get his casino up and running. Before long all of Sal's rackets and districts are gone, leaving him with nothing but his failed casino, son Giorgi, and a handful of men. Holed up at the half finished casino, Sal and Giorgi make their final stand against Clay, which fails.


Upper Echelon

Racket Bosses


  • Roberto Albano (extortion, River Row)
  • "Stitch" Gallo (extortion, River Row)
  • Nestor Pellegrini (contraband, River Row)
  • Fabio Fulci (contraband, River Row)
  • Dean Barbaro (moonshine, Pointe Verdun)
  • Caesar De Angelis (moonshine, Pointe Verdun)
  • Tito Leone (protection, Pointe Verdun)
  • Fede Iocca (protection, Pointe Verdun)
  • Mister Honeysuckle (garbage, Barclay Mills)
  • "Geezer" Cruzat (construction, Downtown)
  • Marlon Boudreaux (construction, Downtown)
  • JC McCall (blackmail, Downtown)
  • Irving Pichot (sex, French Ward)
  • Ernie Lupo (sex, French Ward)
  • Oscar Sabato (sex, French Ward)
  • Lester Terriot (drugs, French Ward)
  • Gabe Chauvin (PCP, Frisco Fields)
  • "Beaks" Brunner (PCP, Frisco Fields)
  • Lonnie Grima (PCP, Frisco Fields)
  • Uncle James (human trafficking, Frisco Fields)
  • Uncle Bartholomew (human trafficking, Frisco Fields)
  • Uncle Andrew (human trafficking, Frisco Fields)
  • Uncle Thaddeus (human trafficking, Frisco Fields)
  • Uncle Jude (human trafficking, Frisco Fields)
  • August Perotta (gambling, Southdowns)
  • Rocky Torani (gambling, Southdowns)
  • Shane Fordham (gambling, Southdowns)
  • Santo Celemente (black market, Southdowns)
  • Alfredo Pace (black market, Southdowns)
  • Jerry Verret (smuggling, Tickfaw Harbor)
  • Darrel Brand (auto theft, Tickfaw Harbor)
  • Wayne Roussel (auto theft, Tickfaw Harbor)
  • Giuseppe Buffa (enforcer, unknown)


  • Roscoe (contraband, River Row)
  • Biff (contraband, River Row)
  • Natali Balbo (moonshine, Pointe Verdun)
  • Rudolpho Conte (moonshine, Pointe Verdun)
  • "Red" Gallo (protection, Pointe Verdun)
  • Leo Ruggeri (protection, Pointe Verdun)
  • Ralph McNairy (protection, Pointe Verdun)
  • Santo Giuse (garbage, Barclay Mills)
  • Dale Susannah (garbage, Barclay Mills)
  • "Gigi" Jackson (garbage, Barclay Mills)
  • Glenn Mazza (garbage, Barclay Mills)
  • Ricky Coyle (guns, Barclay Mills)
  • "Specs" Ermo (guns, Barclay Mills)
  • Hollace (guns, Barclay Mills)
  • Max Ardizzi (construction, Downtown)
  • Virgil Gauthier (construction, Downtown)
  • Gianni Amici (blackmail, Downtown)
  • Manny Forcella (blackmail, Downtown)
  • Willy Jovino (blackmail, Downtown)
  • "Dimples" Tanzi (blackmail, Downtown)
  • Dominick (associate, Downtown)
  • Joe (associate, Downtown, deceased)
  • Eugenio Calabrese (drugs, French Ward)
  • Franz Nero (drugs, French Ward)
  • Buster Nunez (drugs, French Ward)
  • Pietro Iovine (sex, French Ward)
  • Marco Vinci (sex, French Ward)
  • Billy Zaccaro (sex, French Ward)
  • Freddie "The Bull" (sex, French Ward)
  • Pete Lacour (PCP, Frisco Fields)
  • Rodney Prejean (PCP, Frisco Fields)
  • Brother Matthew (human trafficking, Frisco Fields)
  • Brother Peter (human trafficking, Frisco Fields)
  • Brother Simon (human trafficking, Frisco Fields)
  • Brother Paul (human trafficking, Frisco Fields)
  • Mason Carter (human trafficking, Frisco Fields)
  • Joey Finch (gambling, Southdowns)
  • Nuncio Lombardi (gambling, Southdowns)
  • "Monk" O'Halloran (gambling, Southdowns)
  • Louie Zucco (gambling, Southdowns)
  • Leto Tieri (black market, Southdowns)
  • Linza (black market, Southdowns)
  • Henry "The Chink" (black market, Southdowns)
  • Butterbean (smuggling, Tickfaw Harbor, deceased)


  • Marcano family artwork
  • Marcano crime family tree
  • Sal Marcano
  • Giorgi Marcano
  • Lou Marcano
  • Olivia Marcano
  • Tommy Marcano
  • Roman Barbieri
  • Enzo Conti
  • Tony Derazio
  • Michael Grecco
  • Frank Pagani
  • Vito Scaletta
  • Marcano gangster
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