The Mafia II Orchestral Score was composed by Matus Siroky and Adam Kuruc and performed by the Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra.


Matus Siroky is a Slovak music composer and producer working at 2K Czech. He became part of the team in 2006 and has since gained considerable experience in the field of composing and recording score music and other musical genres. Matus began to compose when he was only 7 years old and learned to play piano at the elementary art school. While still at school, he began to compose music on computers, and concentrated on emulating the sound of real instruments with sampled instruments.

Adam Kuruc is a Slovak music composer and producer with experience in a wide spectrum of genres and music styles. Beside the so-called serious music, he is actively involved with film, television, multimedia and jazz music. He began playing the piano when he was only three years old.


The FILMharmonic Orchestra belongs to one of the most sought after recording orchestras in Europe. The orchestra is made up of musicians from Czech's leading orchestras, The Czech Philharmonic and The Prague Symphony, and attracts artists from all over the world to come to come and work in Prague. The orchestra performed four times at the Opening Ceremony Concerts of the Games Convention in Leipzig and has recorded symphonic scores for dozens of renowned computer games.

Track listing

Track Title Time Listen
01) Main Theme 4:02 Link
02) Prologue 3:27 Link
03) Empire Bay 1:02 Link
04) Enemy of the State 2:11 Link
05) Misery Lane 1:37 Link
06) Whisky Heat 1:50 Link
07) The Hot Foot Hop 1:00 Link
08) El Greco 1:13 Link
09) Family First 0:41 Link
10) Trials and Tribulations 2:29 Link
11) Fresh Meat 0:56 Link
12) Surprise Visit 1:27 Link
13) The Darkest Hour 0:53 Link
14) Up in Smoke 1:09 Link
15) Hot Rod 1:31 Link
16) Gatecrashers 1:06 Link
17) The Works 1:31 Link
18) Follow That Car! 1:11 Link
19) Slaughterhouse Shuffle 1:38 Link
20) Balls and Beans 1:01 Link
21) Cosa Nostra 2:26 Link
22) Room Service 1:57 Link
23) Cleaning Up 1:08 Link
24) Playing for Keeps 0:39 Link
25) Regrets 0:26 Link
26) A Friend of Ours 2:10 Link
27) Wake Up Call 0:46 Link
28) Hide and Seek 0:51 Link
29) Just Business 2:22 Link
30) For Better, For Worse 0:51 Link
31) Henry's Score 1:46 Link
32) Cops and Cobblers 1:19 Link
33) The Killing 0:55 Link
34) Beats from the East 1:03 Link
35) Farewell Lincoln Park 0:55 Link
36) The Mysterious Mr. Wong 1:10 Link
37) Red Dragon 1:11 Link
38) Revenge 0:51 Link
39) Men at Work 1:26 Link
40) Bad Memories 0:48 Link
41) An Apple and a Tree 2:03 Link
42) Stairway to the Stars 1:38 Link
43) Last Orders 1:28 Link
44) The End 2:06 Link
45) Credits 3:37 Link
Bonus Tracks
46) Alternate Ending 3:38 Link
47) Sicily 0:53 Link
48) Main Theme (Piano Version) 1:32 Link

Other Tracks

Track Title Time
01) Title Menu Theme 4:00
02) Game Pause Theme 2:24
03) Game Over Theme 0:08


The Mafia II Official Orchestral Score is included with the Mafia II Collector's Edition, available for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.