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The Made Man Pack offers two new "Made Man" suits for Vito to wear and two new cars. Get a taste of being a Made Man in this exclusive Collector's Edition pack. Feel the difference of a luxury automobile as you drive two classics, modeled after cars from the period featuring bold design and dynamic performance. Vito will look the part in two new suits including a red carpet worthy tux.

The cars included in the pack are the Cossack and the Roller GL300. The suits are the Made Man suit with sunglasses and the Tuxedo with bow tie. Both outfits come in five color combinations.


Mafia II Classic

  • This pack is available by purchasing the Mafia II: Collectors Edition for Xbox or PlayStation or the Mafia II: Digital Deluxe Edition for PC on Steam.
  • It may also be available for purchase through the Xbox Live Marketplace, the PlayStation Store and Steam.
  • Once installed, the vehicles will be immediately added to garages in the main game and all story DLCs, and clothing will be added to the main game closets only.

Mafia II: Definitive Edition

  • The Made Man Pack is a My2K Account Bonus given to players who link their game to a valid My2K account. Once unlocked, it will be available in the main game and Story DLCs as soon as garages and closets become accessible. Clothing items are available in the main game only.


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