A Made Man is a member of the American Mafia who is a fully initiated member of a Mafia family. Other common names for members include man of honor, goodfella and wiseguy, though the last two can also apply to non-members who work closely with the Mafia. In Sicily, the proper term for a member of the Sicilian Mafia is in Italian uomo d'onore, or in Sicilian omu d'onuri. Mafioso is a common term used by the press and academics, but is not used by members themselves.

Traditionally, in the Italian-American Mafia, in order to become a true made man, the inductee had to be a male of full Italian (preferably Sicilian) descent. Today, it is believed that the Italian-American Mafia has loosened this requirement so that males of half-Italian descent through their father's line can also be inducted.

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