The MG-42 is a weapon in Mafia II.

The MG-42, or the Maschinengewehr 42, is a 7.92 mm universal machine gun that was developed in Nazi Germany and entered service with the Wehrmacht in 1942. It supplemented and in some instances replaced the MG 34 general purpose machine gun in all branches of the German Armed Forces, though both weapons were manufactured and used until the end of World War II.


The MG-42 appears in missions only, it's first used by the player in Chapter 1 when Vito Scaletta is defending the town hall against the advancing army. It's used again in Chapter 5 when Vito uses it against Sidney Pen and his men at his distillery.

The MG-42 is not used in any of the Mafia II DLCs.

Real World

You can find more real world information about the MG-42 on its Wikipedia page.


  • The name of the weapon is shortened from German: Maschinengewehr 42, or "machine gun 42".
  • The mission "The Buzzsaw" is a reference to the weapon's nickname, Hitler's Buzzsaw.
  • The pinup that unlocks after Chapter 5 depicts a woman posing with the MG-42.


  • Vito using the MG-42 in chapter 1
  • Harry holding the MG-42
  • Vito using the MG-42 in chapter 5
  • Pinup girl and the MG-42
  • MG-42 HUD display image