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Luigi Marino is a character in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


Luigi is the bartender at Salieri's Bar, the father of Sarah Marino, and father-in-law to Tommy Angelo.

Around the turn of the century Luigi was a feared hitman for the Italian mob in Lost Heaven, but after spending time in the State Prison, Luigi put his life of crime behind him on insistence from his wife over fears of losing her and his daughter Sarah. [1] He now spends his days working as a bartender at Salieri's Bar, pouring drinks and offering advice to a new generation of mobsters.

According to Sarah, her mother was an abusive alcoholic, often beating and injuring Luigi while drunk. This caused Sarah to become quite good at patching people up.

Luigi is fiercely protective of his daughter Sarah, and in 1932 he asks Tommy to escort her home from work, fearing that recent encounters she has had with a gang of hoodlums would escalate into further sexual harassments by the group. This encounter would mark the beginning of Sarah and Tommy's relationship.






  1. Letter found in the State Prison during Election Campaign.