Luigi is a character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


Luigi is the bartender at Salieri's Bar, and the father of Sarah. He is a kind man, who has many conversations with Tommy Angelo and later becoming his father-in-law. He appears in nearly every mission behind the bar waiting for customers. He usually tells Tommy to check back later, when they can have an interesting and informative conversation.


  • If the player attacks Luigi, it will reveal that he wields a Pump-action Shotgun.
  • Since Tommy married Sarah, this would make Luigi Tommy's father in-law and a grandfather to Tommy's daughter.
  • You are able to kill Luigi without having to restart the mission in Crème De La Crème.
  • In one of the missions you can see him outside of the bar arguing with a person about a delivery of crates. If you leave the bar he and the truck driver will disappear.