Lucas Bertone is a character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


Lucas is a pleasant Sicilian of middle age, a car mechanic for the rich. He is a friend of Ralph, who mostly handles more ordinary automobiles. He is very big-hearted even though, in view of the services he provides to the Mafia, he is no saint. He owns a garage opposite the Giuliano Bridge. The player can visit him after some missions as an optional objective. First they have to carry out his request, then return to him. He will then give some information on where and how to steal certain luxury cars.


  • You are able to kill Lucas before or after doing his last mission.
  • All of his subquests are optional except one, where he rewards Tommy by giving him intelligence on how to steal a fancy car at City Hall as payback for helping him win big at the races. The mission Fairplay will not conclude until the player completes the subsection with Lucas.